I am an experienced graphic designer with a strong background in print, web design, logos, and video editing. With over 3 years of work experience, I am a self-starter who is passionate about creating visually appealing designs. My skills include Adobe Indesign CC, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, HTML, and Adobe Photoshop. I hold a Masters of Science in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University.
Beyond my technical expertise, I have a diverse artistic background that includes painting, drawing, and photography. I believe in approaching design as a problem-solving process, working closely with clients and stakeholders to provide effective graphic solutions. Although I started my career in the restaurant industry, where I honed valuable customer service skills, my true passion lies in design. Deep down, I see myself as an artist at heart, constantly striving to balance creativity and functionality in my work. Ultimately, my goal is to utilize my skills and experience to create designs that not only satisfy my clients' needs but also make a positive impact.
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